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Harps ready for shipment to Israel

Israelites of old used the harp to worship, bring peace, heal, prophesy and lead armies into warfare. Why not again today? There is very real power when someone who loves God and seeks His will on earth plays the harp.

Harps for Israel provides harps free of charge to people living in Israel to encourage the revival of this wonderful instrument for worship, prayer and intercession.

It is time for these Biblical instruments to be taken down from the trees of Babylon and played once more. Played not just for the joy of having the Land but also with purpose. For declarations of God's love and healing power, His truth and His peace - and His inevitable last word over the situation in Israel!

As of early 2013, we have facilitated the provision of over 40 harps to worshippers in Israel, including these communities (among others):

Poriya Ilit
Ashdot Ya'akov
Ma'ale Levonah
Eilat Tiberius
Nazareth Modi'im






We invite individuals and groups in Israel to contact Harps for Israel to request a harp, and we invite donors interested in fostering this effort to contact Harps for Israel to learn how you can help. We seek prayer intercessors, donors of funds and quality instruments, and qualified instructors.

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